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You could probably get a good price for you genitals on ebay right now. I mean especially since you have already done it before. Regenerating penis is getting top dollar.

neil hobbs

Air Hair Lair. Lord Golden-Showers Entrepreneur and peer of the realm here. I will put you in touch with my good friend Mr Shaftem-Slyly when he gets out.
Have you thought of self publishing?


You should think yourself lucky that Asmund "Pink Gloves" hasn't reported you dead yet.

Five months is a long time sans wangba.

Are you hibernating?


I only hope that life and work are only eating huge chunks out of your frivolity online.

The column's gone, the blogs have been stagnant for months... In short, I'm depressed for you. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy, Stewart.

Meanwhile feel for me; I half-lied in an interview by giving the impression that I was into salesmanship, and now I may be getting a job, in a callcentre, upselling and trying to win customers back for a company I have never heard about in my life and couldn't care less about. And I f*cking hate in-your-face sales tactics, sales targets and unsolicited phonecalls from companies I deal with trying to upsell to me.

But for the moment they will pay me money. And money is the root of love.

I hope you feel better knowing that there is a plight worse than yours.


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